Land shortage in Hong Kong not only causes housing problem, but also makes squeezing new bought furniture in your small home quite a challenge. IKEA Place App, using Apple’s augmented reality technology, lets you check out how the furniture would look in your actual space with a 98% accuracy. You can reposition everything to view the scene from different angles, which enables users to be their own interior designers.

IKEA is transforming into a full-fledged tech company by adopting innovative technologies such as AR and VR. It partners with Apple’s ARKit and HTC Vive’s VR, so consumers can experience the IKEA-built kitchen with VR, and preview furniture in your home with ARkit before placing orders. IKEA also start carrying wireless charging capable furniture. All of these show a vision that smart home technology is the future of urban lifestyle.

This year in KODW, we have invited Tommy Campbell, Digital Designer of Space 10 – IKEA, who may tell you more about the connection between new technologies and businesses. Register now and take part in KODW.