Workshop 1 – Breaking Space and Media Boundaries: Co-creating Augmented Experiences


17 Jun 2019 (Mon)


09:15 – 17:30


1/F, Eaton Hotel, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

What you will learn

Our physical and digital worlds are now highly converged through digital technology – with advances in mixed media experiences, how is our multi-sensory world being reimagined?

Tin&Ed, a vibrant and highly versatile design studio, will introduce you new approaches to interpret the existing world via mixed media creations. Emphasising experimentation with digital media, the duo will share insider stories on how to create a collaborative, immersive experience for your audience.

Join us in this interactive workshop to co-create unexpected design experiences that blur the boundaries between art, design, and play.

Who should attend

Brand leaders, marketers, design practitioners, artists, people working with technology, and people interested in exploring new ways of making future communication and experiences


- Language: English
- Format: Short lectures, case sharing & group exercises
- Max Capacity: 24 pax
- Lunch is not included
- Registration on a first-come-first-served basis
- Participants are required to bring their own laptop computer


Tin Nguyen & Edward Cutting

Creative Directors ● Tin&Ed (Australia / US)

Tin&Ed are creative directors and artists working between New York and Melbourne Australia. Through installations and live digital experiences, Tin&Ed seek to explore the convergence of our physical and digital worlds. They are interested in the interconnectivity of all things; design, art, nature, technology, the universe and everything in-between. Tin&Ed have worked with clients including […]



17 Jun 2019 (Mon)


09:15 – 17:30


1/F, Eaton Hotel, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong