Forum 1 – Liveable Smart City


Explore new possibilities for liveable cities of tomorrow at the intersection of design, digital and technology. From smart city visions to digital transformation of public services and data-driven urban solutions, how might we effectively use data and tech and tap into the collective intelligence of citizens to co-create new urban ecosystems?

• How might governments and businesses leverage on the collective intelligence and digital technology to respond to the changing needs of societies and citizens?
• What are the new opportunities for collaboration across public, private and academic sectors?
• What should be included in the new toolkits for policy-makers, decision makers, civil servants and executives and professionals in the digital age?
• How might we cultivate citizen participation to drive smart city initiatives?
• With the increasing role of data in urban design and planning, how might we find the right balance between openness and privacy?


Chris Ferguson

Director - National, International & Research ● UK Government Digital Service (UK)


Di-Ann Eisnor

CWeO Cities ● The We Company (Formerly known as WeWork) (US)


James Law

Chairman & CEO ● James Law Cybertecture (HK)

Cybertecture - Weaving a New Fabric of Life

Man has become “Superman...Cities have been SuperComputers...Space and Time has become compressed. As a new generation of creators weave the new fabric of life, this is the new era of Cybertecture. Let us explore”


Ren Yee

Head of Innovation Strategy & Forecasting ● UNStudio; Head of Design/Strategies ● UNSense (The Netherlands)

Principles of Designing Liveable Cities



Otto Ng

Design Director ● LAAB (HK)

Designing for the Post-Digital Cultures

Twenty years after Nicholas Negroponte declared the “Digital Revolution is over!” we see the emergence of post-digital cultures where technology has disrupted the ways people live, work, play, learn, and interact with each other. What are these post-digital cultures and how do they affect designers and architects? Otto shares his experiences on designing collaboration space, smart home, transformable architecture in the post-digital era and reflects upon how the ubiquity of digitality has informed the practice of the design industry.


Jens-Peter Brauner

CEO ● Siemens Mobility Ltd (HK)

Digital Transformation - A People Topic

In the smart livable city, AI powered bots of every kind will interact with real people and their digital twins. The expected benefits are big and so are the concerns among the citizens. How can we leverage smart technologies while having the people on mind? Peter is calling for a people centric approach towards digital transformation. By sharing some experiences with living labs, design thinking and co-creation, Peter aims to spark ideas for an inclusive approach and early involvement of interest groups.


Eric Schuldenfrei

Founding Partner ● ESKYIU; Head of the Department of Architecture ● The University of Hong Kong (HK)


Gene Soo

General Manager ● Citymapper (HK)