Forum 3 – Digital Health

Discover new innovation opportunities and solutions for health and care in the age of digital transformation. How might we strengthen the interface between design, digital and technology to create better healthcare systems, services, products and experiences for all?

• As the boundaries between ‘health’ and ‘digital health’ are blurring, what are the impacts, opportunities and challenges for healthcare and health-related industries, medical sector and care community?
• In what ways, digital health technology can empower patients, consumers and citizens?
• How might we harness digital technology to build more inclusive societies?
• What are the business and innovation opportunities beyond ‘health’?


Chris McCormack

Managing Director, Digital Care Planning ● Helix Centre (UK)

How the Helix Centre starts ripples in Healthcare

The Helix Centre is a health innovation lab based in the middle of a busy London hospital. All its projects start small, but have the potential to create a big impact. Chris covers the 3 questions common to all Helix projects, looks at some small designs that made a big difference, and describes recent work designing digital products for illness and end of life.


Dr. Hong FUNG

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer ● CUHK Medical Centre; Professor of Practice in Health Services Management ● The Jockey Club School of Public Health & Primary Care, CUHK (HK)


Dr. Sun Xin

Director ● Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center (Medical Department) (Mainland China)


Liam McGuire

Director, Project Lead (Health & Serious Games) ● Opaque Media Group (Australia)

Virtual Empathy: Virtual Training for Engendering Empathy



Low Cheaw Hwei

Head of Design ASEAN Pacific/Head of Design Consulting Asia ● Philips Design (Singapore)

Design and the Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Our lives have radically transformed with the digital revolution - from the way we gather and consume information, to how we navigate, communicate, transact and even in our social relationships.

The healthcare industry, however, seems to have trailed behind this transformation. Inevitably, healthcare is today being disrupted profoundly by these changes, across the entire health continuum - from healthy living to the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, to eventual recovery.

This is the moment for us to harness the potential of digital technologies, to innovate in ways never done before, to improve our healthcare systems.

However, technology alone will not help us crack the code to a more sustainable and qualitative healthcare system. Care models, healthcare practices, human behaviors and mindsets from the individual to the institutional level require a shake-up, and design is playing a role in this rethink - by reframing complex problems while deeply analyzing and understanding people's needs, and crafting some of the solutions.


Lydia Leung

CEO ● Belun Technology Company Limited (HK)


Rama Gheerawo

Director ● The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art (UK)

Health and Tech: Designing with a Social Attitude



Vicki Tan

Lead Product Designer ● Headspace (US)

Designing with Intuition

It’s become standard to lean on quantitative, experiment-driven design, especially when decisions must be made quickly and with very little time and resources. But this method often only reveals surface-level themes and not much about your users’ true intentions. In this Headspace onboarding case study, Vicki will walk you through how we learned to design using intuition, blending science and design research to create a solution that met our users’ needs.


Prof. Kun-Pyo LEE, PhD. HonFDRS

Dean of School of Design ● The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK)