James Law

Chairman & CEO ● James Law Cybertecture (HK)

James Law JP, is an architect, technologist and entrepreneur. Renowned for creating the philosophy of Cybertecture in which a better world is designed with technology to alleviate suffering for mankind, his company’s projects cover buildings, spaces, technologies, education and social design.

Cybertecture - Weaving a New Fabric of Life

Man has become “Superman...Cities have been SuperComputers...Space and Time has become compressed. As a new generation of creators weave the new fabric of life, this is the new era of Cybertecture. Let us explore”



Chris Ferguson

Director - National, International & Research ● UK Government Digital Service (UK)

Di-Ann Eisnor

CWeO Cities ● The We Company (Formerly known as WeWork) (US)

Ren Yee

Head of Innovation Strategy & Forecasting ● UNStudio; Head of Design/Strategies ● UNSense (The Netherlands)

Otto Ng

Design Director ● LAAB (HK)

Jens-Peter Brauner

CEO ● Siemens Mobility Ltd. (HK)