Tommy Campbell

Digital Designer ● SPACE10 (Denmark)

Tommy Campbell is a Digital Designer with SPACE10; IKEA’s research & design lab on a mission to explore better and more sustainable ways of living. As a business graduate from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada – Tommy studied business development, venture capital, product design, and computer science. He was selected as a 2017 Kleiner Perkins Design Fellow and most recently worked with Flipboard Design in San Francisco. In traditional Canadian fashion, Tommy’s also an avid surfer, climber, skier and craft beer enthusiast.

Everything as an Interface

We are now at the dawn of the next great frontier of computing. Augmented, virtual, and mixed realities promise to digitise our world and fundamentally change how we live, eat, work and play. When our physical reality finally merges with our digital platforms, how are we going to design these new 'phygital' spaces to create better everyday lives for the many people?




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